History of Hunter

John "Hunter" grew up in Arizona and spent most of his childhood exploring the back country with his parents. After high school, he got his first 4x4 and he was off on his own.   

So when in 1999 John opened Hunter Offroad no one who knew him was surprised. He found there was a need for  true custom fabrication shop to handle all types of jobs.  From broken shock tabs to full tube chassis. Roof racks to rock sliders, bumpers and roll cages. He specializes helping those with unique vehicles or building unique projects for the common.  

In time he has also developed a following to help those that have a specific  needs for a project.  its all about finding to get them exactly what  they need to get exactly where they want to go.

To this day, John still works by himself in a true "one man band". So if you reach out, don't be afraid to bug him.