Multi-role Offroad Tactical Vehicle

MOTiV "Big Ugly"

Starting in 1999, John joined the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office Search and Rescue Unit. After spending some on searches, he realized he could build something that would help complete the missions easier and safer.   In 2000, he fielded the first of his vehicles and went operational in support of search and rescue work. 

By 2005, the vehicle had changed and so had assignments and requests for assistance.  Security issues involving southern border security were becoming critical with human and more importantly, narcotic smuggling. John and his "buggy" were called on for their expertise to work reconnaissance, assist other units performing interdiction, to direct action in patrol related duties.

In 2013, he began his instructor work on his of operational vehicles  experience passing on knowledge gained working in southern Arizona.  His first contract was for the 19th Special Force Group in Utah, and over the years moved into the Law Enforcement sector with over 20 agencies trained. 

John is now retired from the Sheriff's Office and the vehicle is used as a training  and testing platform.  


The vehicle in use for training in the government training grounds in Playas, NM.  Showing the difficulties of protecting  a lightweight vehicles in n urban environment